Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Osho World celebrates Women Mystics Week at the galleria from March 4 to 10, 2004

Women mystics like Sahajo, Meera, Daya, Lalla, Rabiya Al Adabiya feature prominently in Osho's discourses.On Sahajo, Osho says, "Sahajo: Even the name is poetic, it means 'the very essence of spontaneity'." On Meera, Osho says, "Perhaps she is the most significant of all the women who have become enlightened. Her songs... each word is pure gold. It is coming from the very source of enlightenment."

Similarly, Osho has hailed Daya when he said, " She was a contemporary of Meera and Sahajo, but she is far more profound than either of them. She is really beyond numbers. Daya is a little cuckoo - but don't be worried....In fact in India the cuckoo is called koyal, and it does not have the meaning of being nuts. Daya is really a cuckoo -- not nuts, but a sweet singer like the Indian koyal. On an Indian summer night, the distant call of the cuckoo; that's what Daya is... a distant call in the hot summer of this world."

Osho has paid warm tribute to women Sufis like Rabiya al-Adabiya. Al-Adabiya means 'from the village of Adabiya'. Rabiya is her name, al-Adabiya is her address. That's how the Sufis named her: Rabiya al-Adabiya. The village became a very Mecca when Rabiya was still alive. Travellers from all over the world, seekers from everywhere, came searching for Rabiya's hut. She was really a ferocious mystic; with a hammer in her hand she could have broken anybody's skull. She actually broke many many skulls and brought out the hidden essence.

Another Sufi woman from Kashmir commented by Osho is Lalla. He said, "She was one of the most beautiful women... Kashmir has the most beautiful women in the whole of India. Not only is the land beautiful, but the people are also very beautiful. Lalla remained naked, disowned everything, renounced everything -- still, no police commissioner came to her to say that this was obscene. On the contrary, in Kashmir they have a proverb: "We know only two words which are meaningful; one is Allah, and another is Lalla." They have raised Lalla equal to God, Allah."

Osho World pays tribute to all these and many more women mystics during the forthcoming week through daily programmes and meditations.

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