Friday, March 05, 2004

War or Meditation

Each decade a great war is needed to unburden humanity of neurosis. You may be surprised to know that in the First World War, psychologists became aware of a very rare, strange phenomenon. When the war continued, suddenly the proportion of people who used to go mad fell almost to nil. Suicides were not committed, nor murders. People even stopped going mad. That was strange - what has that to do with war? Maybe murders declined because murders joined the army, but what happened to people who commit suicide? Maybe they also joined the army, but then what happened to people who go mad? And then again in the Second World War the same thing happened, in a grater proportion; and then the link was known, the association.
Humanity goes on accumulating a certain quantity of neurosis, madness: each decade, it has to throw it out. So when there is war - war means when humanity has gone mad as a whole - then there is no need to go mad privately; what is the point? All are mad - then there is no point in trying to become mad privately. When one nation is murdering another, and there is so much suicide and murder, what is the point of doing these things on your own? You can simply watch TV or you can read in the newspaper.
The problem is not war, the problem is individual neurosis. A man who has become enlightened looks deep into the cause of things. Buddha, Christ, Krishna, they have been looking in to the root, and they have been trying to tell you: Change the root - a radical transformation is needed; ordinary reformation won't do. But then you may not understand - because I am here, I go on talking about meditation… no you can't see the relationship, how meditation is related with war. But I can see the relationship.
My understanding is this: that if even one percent of humanity becomes meditative, war will disappear - and there is no other way. That much quantity of meditative energy has to be released. If one percent of humanity - that means one in one hundred people - becomes meditative, things will have a totally different arrangement. Greed will be less; naturally poverty will be less. Poverty is not there because things are scarce; poverty is there because people are hoarding, because people are greedy. If we live right now, there is enough, the earth has enough to give us. But we plan ahead, we hoard - then trouble arises. Just imagine birds hoarding… then a few birds will become rich and a few will become poor; then American birds will become the richest, and the whole will suffer. But they don't hoard, so there is no poverty. Have ever seen a bird poor? Animals in the forest - nobody is poor, nobody is rich. In fact you don't even see fat birds and lean and thin birds. All the crows are almost alike; you cannot even recognize which is which. Why? They enjoy, they don't hoard.
Even to become fat means you are hoarding inside the body - that is a miserly mind. Misers become constipated; they cannot even throw out. They hoard: they control even defecation, they go on hoarding even rubbish. Hoarding is a habit.
To live in the moment, to live in the present, to live lovingly, to live in a friendship, to care… the world will be totally different. The individual has to change, because the world is nothing but a projected phenomenon of the individual soul.

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