Thursday, April 01, 2004


Mulla Day at Osho World galleria on 1st April 2004

Osho World invites you to join the laughter with renowned humorist Shri Ashok Chakradhar while celebrating Mulla Nassruddin Day at Osho World galleria on 1st April 2004.

"When the laughter is really authentic, a belly laughter, when your whole body throbs with his orgasmic energy, when the laughter spreads on all of your being, when you are simply lost in it, you are open to God."_Osho

One Mulla Joke through the words of Osho:

"As a pretty girl passed by, Mulla Nasrudin turned to look. His wife said with a pout, "Every time you see a pretty girl you forget you are married."
"That's where you are wrong," said the Mulla. "Nothing makes me more aware of the fact!."

Osho World to celebrate Mahavir Week from 2nd to 8th April, 2004.

Osho World is dedicating a week to enlightened mystic Mahavir from 2nd to 8th April 2004 at the galleria. Osho World pays deep respect to Mahavir as expounded by Osho, during the week through daily meditations and events. Everyone is invited to meditate and celebrate at Osho World galleria, BG-09, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi.

"One of the most beautiful sayings that I have loved comes from Mahavira, a contemporary of Gautam Buddha. A very strange statement -- Mahavira says, "If you have started the journey you have reached already."
If a seed has started sprouting the spring is not far away. Soon, where there was nothing there will be beautiful flowers, with great fragrance. Mahavira is saying that if you have started the journey you have already reached."_Osho