Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Osho's Quotes

If you look at Mahavir, I am a Jain. Mahavir is a religious man, not because he is born in a religion. He searched. He enquired. He encountered reality. He threw all dogmas. He threw all civilization. Even clothes he threw away, because they, too, are a part of the civilization and the culture; and they, too, carry the society with you. He remained naked. For twelve years he completely stopped talking, because if you go on talking, you use the language of the society, and that language carries the germs of the society.

Until You Die

Mahavir also means the great warrior. We have called 'Mahavir' only those who attained samadhi. We do not call a person a conqueror just because he has scaled Everest or reached the moon, it is a courageous act but these are not the ultimate heights to be reached. We call him a Viresh, a Mahavir, who has attained the soul. What Everest can be higher than God? He who attains the ultimate is a Mahavir, a great warrior. We accept nothing less. What if you have reached the moon? It has merely opened new vistas for exploration: Mars, Jupiter, and so on and so forth. The universe is boundless!

We call him Mahavir who has reached where there is no further to go. Why do we refer to him as Mahavir? Because there is no act more courageous than the act of attaining one's own self. There is no journey that calls for such courage and fearlessness as the journey to the self. Because the path is full of difficulties that are encountered nowhere else. It requires the maximum austerity.

The Great Path