Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Osho's Quotes

A beautiful story is told about Mahavir -- that wherever he moved, for miles around life would become more alive. And he was an inactive man. He would simply stand or sit under a tree, for hours, for days, but for miles life would start throbbing with a new rhythm. It is said that trees would bloom out of season; trees would start growing faster than ever; dead trees would start producing new fresh leaves. Whether it happened or not is not the point, it maybe just a story.But it is very indicative, it is very symbolic. Myths are not symbolic things, myths are very meaningful symbols. They say something.

What does this myth say? It simply says that Mahavir was such a pool of energy, such an overflowing of energy, such an overflowing of God, that wherever he was, life would move faster. A speed would happen to all the existence around him. He would not be doing anything but things would start happening.

The Art of Dying