Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Osho On Love

This is why I say that love itself is knowing God. God can only be known in love because in love the "I" disappears. You will never find love where "I" exists. Love is only there when "I" is not.

Let me tell you a secret: only the pleasure you give to others becomes bliss. And there is no end to bliss. Bliss is the nectar of life. It is eternal, endless.

Is there a greater satisfaction to be found than undertaking a task with love? Is anything more gratifying than serving others? No, nothing at all.

The love that rolls on like the waves in the ocean is no less than a fervent prayer, no less than God himself, no less than the benediction of ultimate and absolute salvation. If your love does not halt on its way, but marches on, it sets you free. Let there be no end to its onward march until the last man in the world has been brought into its fold, into that communion with the universal soul.