Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What is seen with the eyes closed

I was sitting with my eyes closed. Always seeing with the eyes open, man is forgetting the art of seeing with closed eyes. What is seen with open eyes is nothing compared to what is seen with the eyes closed. The tiny eyelids separates and joins two worlds.

When I close my eyes I arrive in the infinite. When I close my eyes, the doors of the infinite open. On one side one sees the seen and on the other, the seer.

But how many people remain outside even after closing their eyes? The eyes are not closed just by shutting them. The eyes are closed but the external pictures are still descending. This is not the closing of the eyes.

The closing of the eyes means emptiness, freedom from dreams and thoughts. When thoughts and scenes disappear, the eyes are closed. What then manifests is the eternal consciousness. That is truth, that is consciousness, that is bliss. The whole game is in the eyes. The eye transformed, everything is transformed.