Monday, November 15, 2004

Osho discources on T.V. : watch Sadhana Channel

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Watch Osho and listen to his discourses in English on Sadhana TV Channel Monday to Saturday, daily 10.40pm india time.

Program Courtesy by Osho World Foundation

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Reach of the channel Outside India Percentage

Nepal 45%
Myanmyar 20%
Dubai 14%
Sri Lanka 60%
Mauritius 70%
Hongkong 20%
China 12%
USA 60%
U.K. 52%
South Africa 55%
Canada 65%
Australia 60%
Malaysia 45%
Thailand 40%
Bangkok 55%
Singapore 50%
Indonesia 25%
Bangladesh 40%
Belgium 10%
Bahrain 20%
Finland 10%
France 10%
Germany 10%
Kenya 15%
South/North Korea 25%
New Zealand 55%

The analysis based on performance of the Channel, shows a good reach in Hindi speaking belt.

Note :
1. Percentage reach of the channel in the Hindi speaking belt is approximately 86%
Overall reach of the of the channel in India and other countries
has positive results
2. The overall reach of the Channel has touched 70%