Thursday, July 21, 2005

Zorba the Buddha – Summer Festival

With Karajaal, Manasvi & Risk Team
Music: Milarepa & Band
Guests: Ma Dharm Jyoti, Aneesha
Date: July 23 – July 30 2005

This year’s summer festival is a tribute to Zorba the Buddha – the whole man, who can celebrate the body and the earth and also go to the silent depth of his or her inner being. The first half of the festival is dedicated to our Buddha nature – the ingoing silent breath – and the second half to our Zorba nature – the outgoing celebrating breath. There will be at least three workshops and meditations everyday, live music, morning classes, café, cabaret and a party evening. Milarepa & his One Sky Band will play most of the days in the festival and Ma Dharm Jyoti will lead meditations. Aneesha will contribute with Heart dance and Tantric Pulsation.

Osho Risk
Bogballevej 3
8740 Braedstrup, Denmark