Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Osho Moments

Stop Talking....Let Your Love Show
Whenever you are feeling very good there is no need to bring language, mind, analysis to bring into it. There is no need to label it, because no label can be true to it. The feeling to goodness is so infinite that when you call it good you have already made it mediocre. When you feel for somebody, to say I love you is to make it profane. You have already made it rotten, mm? The word corrupts.

Just show it by your full being. Enjoy it. Let the other feel it...but don't say anything about it.

Write a Poem
Whenever you are tired, whenever you are fed up with the world - and many times one is fed up with the world, it is natural. The world is too heavy, too boring, too monotonous, too repetitive, too routine and trivial. So whenever you feel that way, the best thing is to do something creative and get involved in it. You will come out of it recreated, rejuvenated, throbbing with energy.

Poetry can be more recreative than sleep.... Just five minutes concentrated creation of a poem can refresh you more than eight hours of sleep.