Monday, October 16, 2006

Copyright ! Stealing away which belongs to no one and everyone

What did I bring along and what will I take along !

Funny it sounds as I cross the meaningless thing told to me. I felt sad and lauged at the nonsenseness of those who claim ownership of which belongs to everyone and no-one.

For everyone because it is for all, those words of wisdom are for all, whether rich or poor. whether hindu, christian, buddhist, muslim, jew or whatever. whether american, indian, chinese, or from whereever, even for aliens. whether big or small, good or bad, male or female or anybody else. whether black, white, gray, blue, yellow or green. it belongs to everyone.

And no-one because no one person or entity or group can claim its ownership, He himself never claimed ownership then why any one want to own it, control it. what will you do with it. owning will do nothing, it wont come with you to next lives. But instead if you absorb it, understand it then it will be with you for ever, for eternity then you will not need this stupid Copyright to protect it with you and then you will have owned it in true spiritual and enlightening sense. owning the copyright will do no help.

I just want to spread the enlightening words and wisdom filled teachings of that beloved master.

Please dont insult him by Copyrighting his work. instead help spread it.