Sunday, March 07, 2010

Osho ~ Deja Vu

Deja vu in itself is a reality, because you are not here for the first time; nobody is here for the first time. all are eternal pilgrims, journeying, journeying from one life to another. And all that you have experienced, you have experienced many times; it can't be new. Existence moves in a circle, not in a line.

It is like the rotating wheel of seasons: you have seen many springs and again the spring comes. Again you hear the sound of the birds and it reminds you of other springs. You see flowers blooming and it reminds you of other blooming. And they were almost alike. I say ;almost;-- I don't say that it is an exact repetition; nothing is ever repetition exactly. But it is so approximately alike that it is very difficult to make a distinction--hence deja vu. You again see the clouds floating in the sky and the sun and the birds and the trees. The spring has come again with all its joy . . . and you have seen those springs many times!

So somewhere deep in your unconscious you are carrying all the memories of all the past lives. It is very possible that again and again you will come to situations which are alike and suddenly you feel as it has happened before. And it has happened before! May be the actors were different, but how can they be very much different? Human beings are human beings after all.

For example, just listening to me, you can be surrounded by a sense of deja vu -- you can start feeling you have listened to me before, the same way. I may not have been with you before but you may have listened to some other Master. And they have all the same look in the eyes, the same scent to their being, the same song to sing. Words differ but the rhythm, the constantly running underground rhythm is the same. So right now you can be caught in a deja vu.

You have listened to many more people before. It is not possible that you have come for the first time to a Master. . . How is it possible? For millennia you have been searching. It is impossible not to have come across . . . You may have come across a Jesus or a Buddha or a Krishna or a Rinzai or a Bodhidarma. Down the ages in so many lives how can you avoid not coming across a Buddha? It is not possible!

You may not have met me before -- that's possible; that's not a problem--but someone very much like me. you may have looked with the same love at some other Master, with the same trust, with the same open heart, and again it is happening! You may have drunk from some other Master in the same way with such sensitivity and receptivity. . . and again it is happening! It can bring to your memory the floating fragrances of past lives, the nostalgia . . .

Deja vu happens to everybody but how strong it can be depends--the strength depends on what type of barrier exists between this life and the past lives and other lives. If it is a China wall. very thick, it is very difficult for things to cross over. And even if they cross, they become distorted. The wall distorts them and by the time they reach you the moment is lost . . .

And it can be very very weird sometime because when you go into it you can start feeling as if you are in a dream. You can start feeling as if you are living a fantasy, not reality . . . as if those people around here not there; may be it is just a memory. And that makes for a kind of weirdness.It can be scary too, it can frighten to; it depends on your interpretation . . .

No, deja vu is a reality, because we have lived so many lives and we have loved in so many ways. We have been angry in so many ways with so many people. We have been friends and enemies, and all that is happening to you now has happened many many times before.

Osho ~ "Don't Just Do Something, Sit There"