Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tale 20 ~ 100 Tales for 10,000 Buddhas

There is only one common bathroom in this apartment with no running hot water. I wake up early and arrange two buckets of hot water in the bathroom for Osho.

He comes out of His room, washes His face and slowly dries it with a little napkin. I take out His tooth brush, apply paste to it and give it to Him. He greets me with a smile, thanking me for this little act. He takes the brush with such tenderness and love, as if it were a living being, and starts brushing His teeth very slowly and gently.

These days He is using “Signal” toothpaste, which is new on the market. This tube is almost finished; still keep it on the little shelf near the sink. After washing His mouth, He goes to the bathroom. To my surprise I find that He has dropped the tube in the trash bin near the sink. I think, “Unless I get a new tube, how can this be thrown away?” I take it out of the trash bin and put it back on the shelf. Later, I ask a friend to buy a new tube of Signal toothpaste, but for some reason I have not received it, and when the next day I apply the toothpaste from the same tube, Osho looks at it, laughs and says, “So you have saved the tube!”

I feel He does not like to press the tube hard, but what can I do? Until the new tube arrives I want to hold on to it. Somehow I manage to use this tube for three days until we leave Ahmedabad.