Monday, April 26, 2010

Tale 22 ~ 100 Tales for 10,000 Buddhas

It is afternoon. Osho is sitting in an easy chair on the balcony--it is spring time. There is a huge mango tree near by, and a cuckoo is singing continuously. Her song deepens the silence even more.

Osho asks me if I know whether this cuckoo is male or female. I have no idea and never even thought about it, but I say, “It is a male.” Osho asks how I know and I tell Him, “I really don’t know--I just said it.”

He says, “It is a male bird. it is always the male who calls: the female waits.” Then we hear another cuckoo calling.

“Listen to this,” says Osho. “This is the female responding to the first call. If you listen carefully you will find the difference.”

I forgot about the cuckoo’s call: I am astonished at this great insight of my master.