Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tale 29 ~ 100 Tales for 10,000 Buddhas

The friends who have arranged His meetings at different places in Baroda are really funny people. Today in the evening, Osho is going to speak somewhere, but they are not willing to tell us the name of the place. They want to take Osho alone in a car. I am very much annoyed. At any cost I don’t want to miss His discourse. I meet Osho in the afternoon and ask Him what to do? He says, “It is so simple. Just engage a rickshaw and tell the driver to follow my car.”

I tell Him, Osho, these people look so angry at us, they will ask why we are following them.” Osho laughs and says, “You can tell them that we are going our way, you are going ahead of us. What can we do?”

I like the idea and it really worked. As His car stops, our rickshaw stops behind it. Immediately, I get down and start walking with Osho, not giving opportunity to these friends to say anything. It is a meeting arranged with members of the lions club in a small hall. I sit next to Osho and arrange my recorder, ignoring the organizer who is sitting next to me.

After the discourse, this man comes near me and thanks me for recording the discourse. He invites me to join Him in the car with Osho. I feel relieved and start walking behind Osho like a little kid who has won the lottery.