Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tale 34 ~ 100 Tales for 10,000 Buddhas

Osho is resting after dinner in an air conditioned room at Sohan’s home in Poona. I am sitting near His feet and feel a strong urge to massage His feet. I ask Him about this and He okays it. As I start massaging the bottom of His right foot, He remarks, “Every disciple starts with the feet and finally comes to the throat.” Listening to this, I immediately stop touching His feet. He laughs and says, “I did not say it to you.” I react unconsciously and tell Him, “No one else is here.” He says, “The truth is, I don’t like being massaged on my feet. When I am resting, it disturbs me.” I understand Him and ask for forgiveness. He laughs and tells me, “When will you learn not to be serious?” Saying this, He closes His eyes and I walk out of the room, brooding seriously over what He has said.