Friday, June 04, 2010

Tale 45 ~ 100 Tales for 10,000 Buddhas

After staying in Srinagar for a week it is decided to go to Pahalgaon. Pahalgaon is the most beautiful valley in Kashmir surrounded by mountains all around. I decide to go to Pahalgaon on horse with some friends through the mountains.

Osho will be going by road in a car. It is a very tedious journey by horse, especially when one does not know horse riding. Anyhow, totally exhausted we reach Pahalgaon. A few friends who have already reached are waiting to receive us. To my surprise, I am taken to the cottage where Osho is sitting in the verandah with some friends. I touch His feet and sit nearby on the floor. He enjoys listening to our tedious journey on horseback.

In a few minutes, Kranti comes out of the room and gives me a gesture to come. I get up and she takes me around to show the cottage. It has only one bedroom with attached bathroom, a little dining room and a big living room. At the back side of the cottage is a little room which is connected with the main cottage by a little pathway. I look in this room. There are two single beds kept near the side walls. There is a big window opening towards the mountains. It is quite neat and has a bathroom outside. Kranti asks me if I would like to stay there. Without any hesitation, I reply, “I will love to stay here, it is so close to Osho’s room.” I bring my suitcase and occupy that room with my girlfriend Sheelu from Bombay. Other cottages are quite at a distance from this cottage. The kitchen is also at quite a distance and it is decided the food will be sent in a tiffin for Osho and Kranti; Sheelu and I will walk to the kitchen to have our meals

A stove and a pot to prepare tea in the morning at our cottage is arranged. Osho likes to have toast and tea in the morning. No toaster is available. I find an aluminum lid of a pot to make toast on it. In the night I make sure that bread, butter, milk, sugar and tea leaves are kept ready for breakfast.

Osho looks very happy going around the cottage and decides to speak in the living room every morning and evening.