Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tales 61 ~ 100 Tales For 10,000 Buddhas

Osho has stopped giving discourses to the public on open grounds. Every evening He is speaking to a group of friends in the living room of the Woodlands apartment. Morning discourses are arranged in auditoriums. We are about fifty Sannyasins now, who are allowed to sit behind Him on the podium. After discourse, there is Kirtan (singing & dancing). We all dance on the podium and Osho joins us with clapping to the rhythm of the music. It is a kind of energy play on the stage. People sitting on chairs in the auditorium stand up and dance. Every day, two or three friends gather courage to take the jump into Sannyas.

In the evening, when I reach Woodlands, Laxmi informs me about how many wickets are down today. We count on our fingers and feel happy to know that our Sannyas family is getting bigger every day. One of the friends tells Osho, “A day will come when there will be all Sannyasins listening to you in the auditorium, then only the few non-Sannyasins will sit on the podium with you.”

Osho chuckles and says, “It is possible. It will take a little time. One spark can burn the whole forest. This Neo-Sannyas movement will soon spread like fire around the world.