Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Osho On Being "loose and natural"

Don't fight with yourself, be loose. Don't try to make a structure around yourself of character, of morality. Don't discipline yourself too much; otherwise your very discipline will become your bondage. Don't create an imprisonment around you. Remain loose, floating. Move with the situation, don't move with a character jacket around you. Don't move with a fixed attitude. Remain loose like water, not fixed like ice. Remain moving and flowing; wherever the nature leads you, go. Don't resist. Don't try to impose anything on you, your being.


tarun said...

i have read many quotes of osho, they are really amazing but this one is a bit confusing. how can one succeed without making a charecter and discipline themself. many people say in order to achieve we gotta have a fixed attitude and strong determination. what happens if we take everything easy

Floyd said...

da quotes say not to be obsessed with discipline .... Osho always has advocated the " golden mean" i.e choosing the middle path and not swinging on the extremes ...
Osho always stresses on the need to be one with the true self and not the external conditioning.