Monday, October 16, 2006

Copyright ! Stealing away which belongs to no one and everyone

What did I bring along and what will I take along !

Funny it sounds as I cross the meaningless thing told to me. I felt sad and lauged at the nonsenseness of those who claim ownership of which belongs to everyone and no-one.

For everyone because it is for all, those words of wisdom are for all, whether rich or poor. whether hindu, christian, buddhist, muslim, jew or whatever. whether american, indian, chinese, or from whereever, even for aliens. whether big or small, good or bad, male or female or anybody else. whether black, white, gray, blue, yellow or green. it belongs to everyone.

And no-one because no one person or entity or group can claim its ownership, He himself never claimed ownership then why any one want to own it, control it. what will you do with it. owning will do nothing, it wont come with you to next lives. But instead if you absorb it, understand it then it will be with you for ever, for eternity then you will not need this stupid Copyright to protect it with you and then you will have owned it in true spiritual and enlightening sense. owning the copyright will do no help.

I just want to spread the enlightening words and wisdom filled teachings of that beloved master.

Please dont insult him by Copyrighting his work. instead help spread it.


osholover said...

Osho said that no-one owns copyright on his words.
They belong to no-one and everyone .
Below is an article I found on the internet from the India Times, dated 3 Jul 2000....
>Royalty Ruckus
> A bitter battle erupts in the commune over who owns the copyright to the godman's works and techniques.
> By Sheela Raval
> Things can be copyrighted, thoughts cannot ... they are not things of the marketplace."
>-Osho's comments on copyright, published in the journal Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi.
> The Master's words. But who's listening? Ten years after Osho died, his commune in Koregaon Park in Pune is a changed place. The merriment and laughter that used to ring around the commune have now been replaced with a pregnant silence, full of suspicion and hatred. The reason: battlelines have been drawn and the Bhagwan's very legacy is being torn apart by a bitter power struggle to retain control over his teachings and meditation practices. Says Swami Ganja Vedant, an old hand at the ashram: "Greed is spreading like a terminal cancer all over the commune."
> The main fight revolves around Osho's works -- his books, sermons, music, art, pictures and meditation techniques -- all worth millions of dollars. While the top leadership in the Osho Commune is trying to convert all of Osho's works into commodities in the market by patenting them and charging copyright, a rebel group led by disciples in Pune and supported by like-minded Oshoites all over the world is resisting this attempt at commercialisation. Though Oshoites claim that this battle has been going on for a while now, the latest flashpoint came a few months ago when strongly worded legal notices were sent out by the New York-based Osho International to a couple of senior disciples for publishing the godman's works. These notices claim that the Osho International Foundation (OIF) Zurich holds the copyright to Osho's works and that anyone publishing or reprinting any such material must pay royalty to the foundation. Even the US Government's trade and patent website lists
> the OIF Zurich as "the sole and registered owner of the copyright of all published and unpublished words and works of all various writing, music, art and other products created or otherwise associated with the author (Osho) ..."
> Osho International (New York) has warned the disciples that if they continue to publish or reprint Osho's works, legal action would be initiated against them. Says Swami Ananda Sant, whose wife, Gatha, publishes Osho's works in France: "Earlier we used to receive Osho's blessings for spreading his message to the masses. Now we are being served with rude legal notices."
> The move to slap a royalty on Osho's works has invited a lot of criticism in the Pune commune. But as is the usual practice, those who have questioned, criticised or shown any disagreement, have been asked to resign or have been banned from the commune. Says Ma Yoga Neelam, who had been Osho's personal secretary in India and was in charge of the Pune commune till she abruptly quit a year ago: "It is a very embarrassing and shameful thing because making money was never our prime objective." According to her, as far back as in 1997, Swami Prem Jayesh -- who is the chairperson of the 21-member Inner Circle appointed by Osho -- told her that he, along with a few Inner Circle members, intended to charge royalty on all of Osho's works. His exact words at that time, she says, were: "We are sitting on a gold mine. Why not ask them to pay?"
> The legal notices have only served to bring the dissent out in the open. Today everybody in Koregaon Park is discussing the issue -- and the fall of what was once a great empire. At the height of Osho's popularity, the lavender cult spread across 80 countries with over 750 meditation centres all on prime real estate. After his death though, things started going awry because of an intense power struggle in the Inner Circle appointed by Osho himself. Some Inner Circle members led by the Canada-born Jayesh (formerly Michael O'Bryne), rebel Oshoites point out, have been trying to control all the fortunes of the commune. Since Osho died, 15 of the 21 original members of the Inner Circle have quit following differences with Jayesh.
> Though the Inner Circle is supposed to be the highest decision-making body for Oshoites, the rebel group alleges that the power centre has now shifted to OIF Zurich. It seems OIF Zurich has appointed Osho International (New York) to charge royalty from publishers dealing with Osho's works. The rebels allege that the New York chapter is run by Jayesh's brother D'Arcy O'Bryne while the managing committee of OIF Zurich is filled with people close to him like Swami Amrito (formerly Dr George Meredith), who used to be Osho's personal physician, and India-born Mukesh Sarda. Interestingly, investigation by India Today revealed that Osho International (New York) was, in fact, just a trading name for a UK-registered company called Master Zones Ltd. However, when contacted, the management of the Osho commune in Pune was silent on Master Zones Ltd and its ownership.
> The Osho management denies that Osho himself was against charging royalty on his works. Points out Swami Satya Vedant, one of the top leaders of the Pune Commune: "On Osho's directions, the copyrights have been protected by an international foundation for the past 20 years. As the owner, Osho assigned them to a foundation in the US while a resident there. He later transferred them to a trust based in Switzerland and directed that they remain there. The legal records of assignment of copyright are well documented and carry Osho's signature. Further, Osho had testified in a copyright infringement lawsuit in the US confirming his assignment."
> However, the rebels insist that Osho never intended to commercialise or charge royalty on his works and meditation practices. Swami Tathgat, a former Inner Circle member, in fact refutes the fact that Osho transferred the copyright on all his works. He says, "Twenty years ago, Osho -- who was then called Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh -- was still in India. He left for the US only in May 1981. Besides, he was never a resident of the US." india today's investigation reveals that Osho had assigned his copyrights in 1972 to the Pune-based Rajneesh Foundation, the trust that ran the day-to-day affairs of the commune till Osho left for the US. Mumbai-based copyright and trademark registration firm R.K. Diwan & Company, which handled the registration work for Osho between 1973 and 1993, took care of the legalities of the transfer of copyright of all his works. The Rajneesh Foundation was run by a board of trustees that did not include Osho. Rebel Oshoites also have an interesting point
> to make: once Osho assigned the copyrights to the Rajneesh Foundation, he could not have transferred it to an international foundation or to a Switzerland-based trust. Says Mohan Diwan, proprietor of R. K. Diwan & Company: "Once Rajneesh assigned his rights to the Rajneesh Foundation, he no longer held any rights. It is an absolute and unconditional transfer." As per the Copyright Act, argue the rebels, the copyright should still be with the Rajneesh Foundation, which though non-functioning, still exists.
> Many of the rebel Oshoites are outraged that India, Osho's homeland, has been completely sidelined by the "western" leadership that has injected a commercial agenda into the soul of the cult. In fact, on various chat sites on the Internet frequented by Oshoites, disciples have criticised this new "commercial viewpoint" of the organisation. Swami Keerti, a former spokesperson who left the commune last February, says, "We are very agitated about the secret shifting of the headquarters from Pune to the US. This, even though Osho had made his home in Pune." Some are even contemplating a public-interest litigation against the Jayesh coterie while others want the Indian Government to intervene. Says Swami Narenda, one of the rebel disciples: "Osho is not a fiefdom of Swami Jayesh and his coterie."
> Though the Indian chapter has been given independent rights of functioning, the disgruntled disciples feel it is not enough. "It is merely an eyewash," charges Keerti. He explains that as of now, OIF India has only been given the Hindi rights to all of Osho's works, besides the royalty on the goods sold in India. The rest goes into the coffers of OIF Zurich.
> The biggest weapon in the hands of the rebels is the claim that they are only following Osho's views on copyright. However, Ma Anando, who was once Osho's legal secretary, says that the godman was full of contradictions. The views he expressed on copyright to a particular person cannot be taken as the final word, she argues. Justifying the move by OIF Zurich to charge royalty, she says, "The aim is to protect these priceless works from being used in a distorted manner."
> Whatever be the truth, one thing is clear: the tug of war to control Osho's legacy is likely to be a bitter one.

Djubba said...

I'm not an "Osho lover", as I never knew the guy... however, I am a fan of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and have read several of his books, listened to earlier audio tapes, and followed with an avid interest, deep respect, and admiratiopn for such a unique "crazy-wisdom" mystique and teacher... the man was brilliant, and radiated such... a phenomena embodied—yet to be truly appreciated for such blatant cut-n-thrust wisdom—though unfortunately his message is still much misunderstood, misinterpreted and unfortunately misused by those of other-lesser motives.
And yes you are correct, he can not be "copyrighted", nor can his words, sayings and quotes be "owned" as a commodity for sale and marketing... it is because of this that I will not buy any new re-released books from the Osho (International) Foundation.
AS far as I'm concerned they are a bunch of "johnny-come-lately" plagiarisers, who gained access when the Bhagwan was most vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation and intrigue (perhaps even seduction), and they have since hi-jacked the whole essence of what he was about... Jayesh and his Western-eyes cronies haven't an original word or thought of wisdom between them, and have been as "agents of Shaytan and the Lucerferic-Ahramanic consort, who personify in the Guise of Angels of Light (so to speak), and then infiltrate and undermine wherever "the Light" and/or en-Lightened abide... for the sake of peace, I will use Bhagwan (Osho) if/when I quote him in my own writings, blogs or website... I will respect his earlier brilliance and not the manufactured side-show his name and final years have become.
"All good fruit can spoil" and all humans are prone to contamination and corruption... few, very few can totally resist the forces of seduction and addiction upon this earth-realm. And Jayesh and his un-enlightened, low-level-cronies from Ahraman can go exactly where they resonate...

Punya said...

Hello Keyur, As we discussed on yahoo messenger about copyright some time ago, I would like this to be in writing here as well. When participating in a darshan (around 1975) Osho reminded a friend of mine who was going to translate Osho's books into Italian, that the publishers would need to pay for the copyright. Interestingly, this friend was shocked by it, as if Osho had an ego! But it showed to me how practical Osho could think. The money for building the new houses in the (then) ashram has to come from somewhere... Love from punya

prabhat ranjan said...

hello friend though i read your topic
and felt good that on blogs you are doing sth meaningful like this
but i want actually a help fromm you in this regard would you please help me to know some links where i can use my time typing those books on internet.
hope you get my point..
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February 12, 2007 10:59 AM

HussainisDivine said...

Hello there.
I am also with spreading the work of Osho, so i will give you this site.
Search for Osho there. it is like a small community. alot of his books and audios and videos. The uploders of the materials will be more happy the more people download the materials ;), i am sure of it.
this is just to help Osho spread. hope it helps. with great love.

Prem said...

hi check this website for Osho copyright and trademark info:

samayika said...
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samayika said...
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samayika said...
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shekahr said...
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shekahr said...

hi friend,
Though it is my first interaction with u, i 've sum quesions in my mind frm many days. like who m i??? without my name , my identity, my qualification, my family. if i am,is there any need to live. and what is success, what is management is all about?????? i am traped in between all these questions...

so, can u help me out from this, as soon as possible. i'll be waiting for ur reply of my questions......

shekhar (india)

satyajit said...

Osho asks to care about his work not be altered or tampered. It should be what exactly he wants to say. But now osho foundations, puting osho's message aside, misusing his work for money. they are clearly anti-osho foundations. they are lairs.

deep kumar said...


Sharad said...

How a true disciple (Sanyasi) of Osho can afford to waste his/her energy on such issues? The truth enters only where the space is available. Hence we need to learn to vacate our bowl, rather then filling it with more dirt (may be colorful). After all dirt is dirt.

Sharad said...

How a true disciple (Sanyasi) of Osho can afford to waste his/her energy on such issues? The truth enters only where the space is available. Hence we need to learn to vacate our bowl, rather then filling it with more dirt (may be colorful). After all dirt is dirt.

yaatri said...

The legacy of Osho is everyone's birthright. No one should be allowed to claim the exclusive ownership of this treasure trove nor should it be used for commercial purposes of any kind. We should all join hands to resist every moves made by a few avaricious men. Please come to 'Osho For All' community on orkut.


it is nice that you are spreading osho's saying. me too doing the same may i know something more about you and your work...... myself nirmit mehta osho's lover and is my id

Nikhil said...

I am a Osho lover. Osho belongs to everybody. If somebody is saying, they don't have money to build rooms in the commune. I can say, leave the commune right now, & do some other work, & the sooner you get the money, construct rooms in the commune, GET IT. This will show your love, or you will remain a beggar, living under Bhagwan Money. GET IT.