Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Books I Have Loved


I am reading this very nice book, this book is about books, about the immense love for these books. This book is about the books which Osho loved to read, to be with, to live with and to die with. Very beautiful.

I'm going to post, what Osho is saying about the books he loved. Listen carefully. :)


shayneil said...

u r vry egoistic...n u do not understand the meaning of what osho is trying to say from his words...u do not understand hw v r blessed by havin such a holy man lik osho....it does not mater who osho is...or wat he was...all dat maters r his words which are of immence importance...osho has shown us the right way -of not blindly acceptin what other ppl say...no matr who it is...he has shown us dat path of questioning nd trying to find out by ourslf what life is and what god is...if he has evr cld himslf God...dn he hs also tld us at d same tym dat v ourslf r god...but the onli difference is dat he knos d fact nd v do not...

u say dat osho had loads of drugs...but dont u realise he is d same person who hs tld us to live life in all possible ways....to explore it in all possible ways...nd what makes you feel dat some one takn drugs mst b a bad person....n who r u to decide who is good and who is bad...!!U do not evn kno wat is good nd wat is bad...wat mite b good 4 u mst nt be good 4 othrs...so den shud othrs go on makin such stupid websites like u hav made n strt criticisng u instead...!
u hv also criticised him of havin hd sex wid many girls.....!!y ??cnt he hav sex...!!he hs equal rites of havin sex as much as ur pop had wen he thought of creatin u...nd instead osho has nvr discriminated sex...instead he hs encouraged it...nd explained d beauty of it....n i gss u r still a virgin nd havnt had sex...mayb dats y u dnt kno d beauty of it...
if u hav nethn 2 say in reply pls go ahead...bcz i vl b sureli able 2 clear all ur doubts..bcz i hv been vry close to him...more than mst of dem hav

Keyur said...

Hi shayneil,

i'm completely lost over here. Could you please clarify what you are saying in your comment.

You have misunderstood something over here.. i love Osho and his work as much as you do and more than that.

Maybe you have posted ur comments in a wrong blog lolz :D

love ~ keyur