Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Osho: The Books I have Loved (The first ten)

THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA will be the first on my list.




The fifth book is TAO TE CHING by Lao Tzu.

The sixth is THE PARABLES OF CHUANG TZU. He was the most lovable man, and this is the most lovable book.

Seventh is THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT – only THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT not the whole Bible. The whole Bible is just bullshit except THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT.

Eighth... is my numbering right? That’s good. Then you can feel that I am still in my insanity.

The eighth, BHAGAVADGITA – the divine song of Krishna. By the way ’Christ’ is only a
mispronunciation of ’Krishna’ just as ’Zoroaster’ is of ’Zarathustra’. ’Krishna’ means the highest state of consciousness, and the song of Krishna, the BHAGAVADGITA, reaches to the ultimate heights of being.

Ninth, GITANJALI. It means ’an offering of songs’. It is the work of Rabindranath Tagore, for which he got the Nobel prize.

And the tenth is the songs of Milarepa – THE ONE THOUSAND SONGS OF MILAREPA – that’s how it is called in Tibetan."


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Subhash Madhukar said...

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Vinod Patil said...

Hey from last few months I am reading OSHO's talks. I love to read motivational and spiritual books. Your blog is very beautiful.

Jai Gurudev,

Sumit said...

Please keep posting such good messages of Osho. thnx !!!

PK said...

Had been to the Osho Ashram...After going through all the meditations offered at the Center and reading his literature, I am positive Osho is one of the most confusing persons! He has a lot of contradictions in his teachings. Sometimes he quotes profusely from Vedas, and other times he just says he does not beleive in existence of any God or religion. Without understanding the purport of Bhagavad Gita, he talks loosely about Lord Krishna. Gita has been acclaimed worldwide and accepted by not only religious authorities but high profile Management institutes. Despite giving 7000 plus hours of talk, it pales away totally in comparison of a small work called Gita which comprises of only 18 chapters!
In the Ashram, they do all sorts of meditations in the morning, then have a Latin dance in the late evening!!! Why does one need anything like this when one is so engrossed in the joy of self! There is a stark difference between his talks and the way he walked in life.
He's one of the fastest money making machines that history has ever produced! Reason being he has attracted the West by his merry-making, no strings attached philosophy which is actually a pliagarism of many religious texts.
Even during his life time, even he accepts it, he was not able to get a lot of Indian disciples and even now, the ashram in Pune is full of foreigners! It is very difficult to fool an Indian into anything as an average Indian is smart.
I really feel the pain and pity for foreigners who visit the ashram in search of truth, but end up only whirling, dancing and listening to some good music...thereby wasting their precious life.... true knowledge alone liberates....no amount of tantra or shaking the body would do...
One last humble request...Please go ahead and explore all schools of thought, all philosophies...try to understand them to the best of your abilities... then finally embrace one....otherwise all though your life you will remain a frog in the well.... and still call yourself as oceanic! like Osho did...